Versatile with gradations of good, excellent, supreme.


When we put one of our burgers on the hotplate, or on the grill, we watch the expression on people’s faces. At the first whiff, they show amazement. And the air is filled with a fragrant odour of goodness.

Without beating about the bush, what you need to know about Cazzamali burgers is that they are made from prime selections of Piedmontese Fassona and that there are four variants.

From genuine to sophisticated.


We have added to the CLASSIC BURGERS a dusting of spices, the composition of which we cannot reveal. The PREMIUM BURGERS get a delicate embrace of fragmented essences and aromas mingled with Cervia salt. The ELIXIR n. FIVE is embellished with Trapani salt crystals, bestowing it elegance and refinement. As for the PRIME BURGERS, they epitomize the purity of the meat in all its splendour.

Classic Premium Elixir n.5 Prime
Always ready Not currently available Always ready Products at your request
150 gr. standard 200 gr. standard 200 gr. standard 200 gr.

He who lives by Burger....

...gets only favourable comments

Raw meat, hamburgers, portions, classic butchers’ cuts. And, when we need them, also non-standard cuts. The quality? Always impeccable.

Alessandra Foglieni, Caffetteria Bazzini, Bergamo.

Better than Cazzamali? Impossible. Superb meat, impeccable service.

Ristorante e Hotel Mariet, Romano di Lombardia, Bergamo.

Apart from Danilo Cazzamali’s professionalism, I wish to emphasize his courteousness. During the tasting events we organized together, we had yet further confirmation of the rightness of our choice, both for the product and for the person.

Enoteca Nati Stanchi, Pistoia.