All good and all ready.


3 is a recurring number in this product line. The Ingots are three-dimensional geometric figures, cubes, or sometimes parallelepipeds.

The variants available, coincidentally, are three: CLASSIC, GOLD and PREMIUM. And three actions are needed to amaze the guest at the table: order them, unpack them, cook them.

No nerves or connective tissue, just the heart of the meat predisposed in the natural direction of the cut. So you don’t have to be a butcher when your job is that of the chef.

Thigh, rump, sirloin.


The Ingots were born with an eye towards modern cuisine, with close attention to quality and detail. Artisan processing and packaging, perfectly conserving the organoleptic qualities, do the rest.
We make things easy for those who work in the kitchen, it’s the place where the magic happens. But the true voyage begins only when the dish reaches the table.

Classic Gold Platinum
Heart of thigh cuts (always ready) Heart of rump (limited edition, ordering advisable) Pure sirloin (to order)
200 gr. standard 200 gr. standard 200 gr. standard
Different weights on request 250/300/500 gr. Different weights on request 250/300/500 gr. Different weights on request 250/300/500 gr.

Piedmontese Fassona ready for use

The “hors concours” portioned meat

The cuts arrive in the kitchen already portioned and ready to use. There’s little further to do and they are already exquisite meals.

Ristorante Behappy Bergamo, Bergamo.

So many compliments from the customers. Cazzamali meat stands out, it has a taste and a flavour that can’t pass unnoticed. From raw meat to portions, you can’t go wrong.

Osteria alla Pasina, Dosson, Treviso.

One of the best meats on the market. The quality of Cazzamali products is undeniable. And they are precise and punctual in their deliveries. A professionalism that is a family gift, with a further plus: the great courtesy of all their staff.

San Maurì Bistrot, Milan.