Breeder, butcher and end user are different faces of the same coin.

Whichever way you toss it, you get Cazzamali. A great certainty for everyone.

There is no difference between someone who crosses the threshold of the butcher’s shop in Romanengo and a restaurant owner at the other end of the world. They are both served the same way, even if they receive different cuts and packages. The common denominator is the exceptionally high and constant quality.

This is not stolid rigidity linked to short-sighted commercial considerations. It is, rather, the ability to mark out a line that is unmistakable and valid for all. Consistent with the message we transmit and with the result that we maintain the good health of each step of the production chain to which we belong.

Let us start from the beginning.

Breeders and farms.

It isn’t easy to obtain the trust of those who work the land and breed cattle.

If we have succeeded in this goal with the breeders, who have been following us since our earliest years, it is only because we never go back on our promises.

We can say it again and again: the breeder is one of the family. Their value, and that of their work, is inestimable. The relationship between them and us is symbiotic, with reciprocal rules that are few but unbreakable.

We select head of cattle of the Piedmontese Fassona breed that come exclusively from family-run non-intensive farms that operate a closed circuit where the animal’s wellbeing is ensured.

The animals graze on terrain enriched with natural fertilizers. Their foodstuffs are specific and sustainable, envisaging dry feed consisting of corn, barley, roughage, flax seed and hay. No silage, chopped food or integrators of any kind or nature. But this is not all.

The breeder undertakes to offer Piedmontese Fassona head of cattle that are balanced, not belonging to an old genetic strain but not too much improved either. And since everything takes its time – the intermuscular fat has to settle – they undertake to wait the right length of time before delivering the animals, which are exclusively female and never younger than 20 months.

We reward the breeder’s commitment with a painstaking collection plan. The market, as we know, is prey to unforeseeable oscillations. We compensate for the ups and downs of meat consumption, and the relative slaughtering requirements, so that the breeders can continue to do their work. Thinking only of that.

Other things to be told that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Help and assistance to understand what Piedmontese Fassona means for the Cazzamali family.

  • Certifications, that something extra

    We have always studied and experimented, as if “raw meat” was a mysterious object.

    Every time a secret is revealed, we seek another, without ever stopping.

    This is how we have come to define unique standards. Certification of the absence of pathogens is one of these.

  • Packaging like a film

    For us, who are pioneers of the ready-to-use single portion, packaging means constant investment in research and development.

    For us, it is a question of quality, safety and conservation of the organoleptic features. But appearances count, too, nor can we ignore practical usability.

    Our meat gains from darkness. We therefore protect it with anti-UVA and anti-UVB materials to protect it from the sun. A double layer of high-protection polyethylene (PE) coupled with EVOH acts as a barrier against oxidation. For delicate cuts, such as Essentia, there is extra care – the aluminium cradle that can be seen through the window of the package.

    Then there’s the icing on the cake. This “armour” can be sanitized because it is resistant to alcohol and detergents. Not a bad idea.

  • Checks and traceability: transparency served on the plate

    Each production batch of raw meat is analysed. Evasion and error are impossible. All processing is done internally and our own staff see to it. Professionals who never make a mistake.

    The labels of our packages are like litmus paper. Everything is traced and, above all, everything can be retraced. A mine of information under the spotlight.

    The package contains 100% raw meat. Without tricks or deception.

Where they arrive and how.

Cazzamali Piedmontese Fassona travels first class and always arrives on time.

Distribution and logistics are part of our daily work. Men and transport set out at dawn and deliver the same day. To reach the most distant areas, we rely on skilled couriers.

The route is always direct, the meat starts from Romanengo and goes straight to its destination.

la distribuzione cazzamali
cazzamali week

The week at Romanengo.

Advice for enlightened, well-planned purchases.

At the base of a faultless service lies an impeccable organization. Our customer can decide to be a part of it with all the accompanying advantages. How? By following the Cazzamali “flow capacitator”.