Beyond beef chuck.


The history of the Piedmontese Fassona cattle breed is rich in phases. Used, since the dawn of time, to draw the plough in the fields, it was almost destined for extinction with the advent of agricultural machinery. The link with the region also affects the way it is processed; rural culture follows different paths.

While in the city they seek the “ready dish”, it takes time and people before the traditional whole cut gives way. The new generations learn from the old butchers and study the art, combining it with the new customs and habits of the metropolis.

The new direction began in the early 2000s. A revisionist approach inaugurated the revaluation of the fore cut. “Heathen” cuts went side by side with “sacred” ones. We have been among the leaders of this great change.

anteriore fassona piemontese cazzamali

Shoulder, flank, neck.


A multitude of possibilities for kaleidoscopic results in the kitchen. And if something is missing or a special preparation is needed, the Cazzamali family are always ready to act as counsellors so that every question will find its answer.

Shoulder Flank and neck
Blade Shared rib
Ping Pong For boiling
Beef chuck Beef ribs
Arm chuck Flank steak
Spindle Flank steak
Muscolo Musclestrips
  Chuck steak
  Mixed steak

Whole cuts or portions

Ready use for easy success

The cuts arrive in the kitchen already portioned and ready to use. There’s little further to do and they are already exquisite meals.

Ristorante Behappy Bergamo, Bergamo.

On the one hand, small, non-intensive, family-run farms that work to a closed cycle. On the other hand, the integrity of the Cazzamali family. It’s a privilege to sell meat like this over the counter

Bottega Liberati, Rome.

There are times of the year when stress in our work increases a thousandfold. In those moments you understand how important it is to have a partner like Cazzamali: maximum reliability in meat and deliveries, even at Christmas.

Hostaria da Ivan, Roccabianca, Parma.